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The emergence of the Whipped Man

I am starting this blog after years of thought and finally having had enough. This blog will be a place where I can express my frustrations and bring together others like me.

Hi, my name is Mr. Whipped. I am a regular male who is married with kids. I have a decent job and a decent life. Though, I have a secret that almost all my friends know except me. I am Whipped.

I find the definition by Urban Dictionary describes my situation the best.

Whipped - when a person, male or female is so in love with their partner that they will do anything for them, including allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled. Often results in severe detachment from friends and family as the relationship becomes all-consuming.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and that it makes you think about your situation. If you are whipped or you know someone who is whipped, then maybe this blog is for you.

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